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Free and Fast Charging Services Across Australia 13 Sep 2019


German carmaker, BMW and Chargefox agreed. It will offer free charging services to the customers who buy BMW i3 and i3S 120Ah. So it involves a three-year subscription and a 250kWh year of charging. It means one can get six free sessions of charging from empty to full.

  • This move will ensure that more and more customers can charge their vehicles in the future. These both car users will be able to charge their vehicle powered by 100% renewable energy. Chargefox is planning to open many new charging stations every month. This will encourage the customers to buy more and more i3 as they know that they can charge their vehicle.
  • They are planning to open more than 100 chargers in operation by the end of 2019. Their ultra-rapid charges will give customers a fast-charging service. These charging locations are spread all over Australia. Chargefox will approximately include 22 sites spread all over the country. The latest one which has been opened is at Westfield Airport in Melbourne.
  • This partnership will help in increasing the i3 customer base. People will be now more and more confident in buying those cars. After the free charging ends, people can get it at a discounted rate.
  • These will be available at four stations, Barnawartha, Airport West, Torquay and Euroa in Queensland.

BMW i3 and i3S 120Ah

BMW i3 and i3S 120Ah
The ultra-rapid chargers of Chargefox can charge an electric car from zero to 80% in just 15 minutes. This electricity is powered completely by renewable energy. Both of these cars cost around $70,000. These two companies have entered into a partnership which will make the car owning experience easier and hassle-free.

  • The BMW i3 is a visionary vehicle that has helped the company to increase its popularity with innovative mobility solutions. Sustainability is the key element that the company has put in their mind while making this car. Along with its new battery and new interiors, the car has wifi hotspot and wireless charging tray for personal mobile devices. This is available for the first time in BMW.
  • Through this move, BMW wants people to buy more and more electric cars. This will increase the presence of electric vehicles. They have introduced a new type of charger known as I DC charger.
  • This doesn’t have the potential of the larger stations, but it can charge vehicles up to 80% under 30 minutes. It is fast as well as cheaper and that’s why the company is trying to launch this in other locations as well.
  • Free charging service with the car will go a long way in increasing the sales of the car and its customer base. It will encourage people to buy these electric vehicles without taking any tension of charging. With more locations being in operation, people can have access to these. So, it’s a win-win situation for both the customers and the company.


This will attract middle-class customers as they will save the expensive charging costs. The people who were not interested in electric cars before will take interest due to cheaper fast charging services. It will reduce the cost of owning the car.

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