Is there something specific which makes a good car multimedia system?

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Is there something specific which makes a good car multimedia system? 8 Oct 2019

Power input? It is considered to be the second choice because the on-board features like a Car’s multimedia system are out to take over the same. Metaphorically, they are what holds the central position in one’s choices these days.

But what kind of system do you need?

Are you able to find a difference between a Remote touch, iDrive and MZD connect or even look after every day dealing with Android Auto or CarPlay? If yes, if that turns out to be a perplexing situation to you, its fine as unlike before when even existence of car tape in the car seemed to be a big deal and adding on with AC, it was an add-on, we now have a lot more. One can easily answer calls, use the internet to stream music of like, take help with the route and even get a weather forecast through same. Isn’t that amazing? Like all of it without a button fest car creating confusion or chaos all around like the old traditional multimedia systems.

The new multimedia system is a bliss for the drivers. They are designed to be easily accessible with a better mode of operation. They are best at organising and operating without any stress or distraction. Drivers can easily focus around on the road or speed limits sign, etc, without worrying for their multimedia system.
Touchscreen systems

Touchscreen systems

Buttons, central fittings, more of chaotic switches? No more of it is presented in our cars. Now one can get more than just a sleek flat panel screen fitted to the dashboard.

Touchscreen set-ups picturing has just become so popular. Fitted in cars like Hyundai and series of high-ranged Bentley, they are performing well with the ease of use. Prodding the icon or the bar on screen is not so difficult unlike understanding the features of a smartphone.

The popularity gained is not just preferred by the customers but also the manufacturers who find such systems to be cost-effective, easy to fit in dashboards and flexibility of loading in features without much of hardware usage. They might be tricky to use on the move as it takes in eye’s concentration from the road to the screen but still, we find many third party suppliers swapping old radio units to touchscreen multimedia systems. Without much of modification, one is easily able to change from space taking systems to a single fit system with better features which are goods enough to take over the downfalls it comes with.
The Physical controller

The Physical controller

Best of cars like Audi’s ‘MMI’, BMW’s ‘iDrive’, Mercedes-Benz’s ‘COMAND’, etc, are among those names whose manufacturers still look out to retain the Physical Controller. Based upon what drivers got to say, “this is still one the easiest to operate on the go” and hence it can be placed on the dashboard up front where the system is in-sight, easy to use and avoids distractions.

No matter how many safety features the physical controller carries along, it is still considered to be more difficult to operate and install as it needs additional hardware and fixtures. One not just needs to understand the operation but also need to familiarize themselves with the shortcut buttons. To take care of the shortcomings, touchpads inclusions have also occurred. Suited well to the left-hand drivers, this system allows one to write up numbers or letters which in the single controller was missing and made it troublesome to look for the addresses and make queries search.
Operating with a wave of your hand

Operating with a wave of your hand

Today a single gesture is enough to manage devices like Car Multimedia system. No, it’s no longer just a part of science fiction, it’s the reality we can see around daily because of the technology. BMW’s Gesture control feature of series 5 and 7 of 2017 was the time when this technology was adopted somewhere apart from televisions and game controllers. Aforesaid technology after was introduced and adopted in 2017 within the Volkswagen Golf.

An overhead camera in BMW and Volkswagen a proximity sensor is the best example for their system use of sensors. They were easily able to recognize the hand signals and the gestures to perform a task. But like every tech has some or other downfall, here too there was a limitation which existed with hand movements which were needed to be placed in a particular location to get noticed by the camera or otherwise, a proper track of the gesture won’t be possible by the camera. All such issues with BMW’s gesture control made to bring in the new means to interact with gestures. They are not a replacement but a complementary part of traditional means like the touchscreen and the control knob system operations. Gesture controls just like voice recognition is going to be in the supporting role.

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A hybrid tech world

  • Some of the well-known cars like BMW4, Porsche’s, etc have the best communication management systems. With the advanced touchscreen and a function of rotary control, they have been presented with best of multimedia systems where both the operations work well together.
  • Multimedia system these days are easily pairable with our cars. We can pick calls, access music, even update and keep track over our phone settings. All these changes have been added up seeing the humans dependency over phones and for sure a lot is coming in.
  • A close working connection has been built up with between the manufacturers and the technology companies to assure better tech to the customers. One such update is that of Mirror link connectivity, Apple’s CarPlay, Google’s Android Auto are some of the standard features developed as the result of such tie-ups. One can now even use along with few apps on the cars multimedia system as soon as the system gets paired with our smart device.

There might be some issues with the network or data usage as they run the same as that like on smartphones with limited signal coverage. But no matter what downfalls it had, and no matter which multimedia system is used in car, there is always going to be the bright side of this tech for better functioning and for bringing in new features along for the users.

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