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Sell Your Written Off Car For Cash – The best way to deal with your accident cars

Written Off Car
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What is a written off Vehicle? In Australia, there are two types of write-off cars: Repairable Write-off, and Statutory Write-off. On the first hand, as the name states, are vehicles affected by accidents or flood that are damaged, however repairable and require an inspection to be put back onto the road. The other type, as a Statutory write-off, are in a similar situation, but too badly damaged to be repaired and will not be allowed to be brought back onto the road. According to Australia law, once the car is recorded as a write-off, the VIN of the car will be recorded and put into this car’s history. You will not be able to remove the label of a write-off car even though you repaired it. However, the statutory write-off car is only suitable for parts and wrecking purpose.

How do you sell a write-off vehicle?

We know how hard it is to sell something that is damaged and has a bad name on it such as written off or statutory Write-off. However, we make it pretty simple with easy to use contact form you can get an online quote and if you are happy then organize for quickest removal. We will do the rest, we will recycle the vehicle or put it back on the road if it is repairable, if not then we will recycle bits and pieces, the rest will be sold as parts. Follow this three simple steps to get sell your write-off car or truck:

  • Call Us To Get Quote or Get Quote Online
  • Book Or Schedule the Pick-Up
  • Get Instant Cash Payment

So, What do you need if you are thinking to sell Your Written off Car?

the things we want are pretty simple, we need a valid license and proof of ownership, we will handle the rest, all paper works will be done accordingly and you will get an invoice after we pick up. Also, you will get cash payment up to $13,999. if you live in Brisbane, Ipswich, GoldCoast, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Toowoomba, We are your local car pick up service. We will pay cash for cars, utes, trucks, and 4×4. So get in touch with us today and see how much your vehicle is worth?

Other Information:

How do you know if the car is repairable written off or Statutory? generally, you can visit any ppsr group or car history website and get the report, in that report, you will see all information regarding the vehicle including finance options, and status of WOVR (written off vehicle registry).

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