Tips to Ensure the Health of Your Cars and the Safety of Your Family During the Pandemic

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Health of Your Cars 2 May 2022

Nations have undergone a complete lockdown due to the pandemic, and thus most car owners have their cars lying unused in their garage. With that said, your cars might be experiencing very less action as compared to pre-lockdown days, which is not a piece of good news for car owners. Cars have umpteen moving parts and thus need to move regularly to stay in a proper functional state and also to extend the lifespan of different car parts. Want to know how to keep your cars healthy and your family safe during the lockdown period? Read on to get to know it on your own:

Battery of car

Your car’s battery requires some extra care and maintenance as it forms the heart of the car and does most of the job. To start the engine of a car, the battery unit delivers the required charge for the combustion process to get your car running. But with lockdowns and places being closed down, most car owners have their cars lying unused and unnoticed in their garage. And, what next? The battery of your car tends to discharge with each passing day, and eventually, when you get up one fine day to start your car, you may get a shocker when your cars deny to start.

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This happens because the battery does not provide the engine with enough power to get started. Furthermore, you get stuck with your cars and may need a car mechanic to visit you to give a jumpstart to your cars. Allowing a stranger to visit your house may be risky and may put you at risk of contracting coronavirus. Hence, as advice, you should always warm up your car by starting it and leaving it on for some time to keep your car batteries functional and juiced up. Not only will your car engine be active, but your car engine will also thank you later for such an effort.


Unlike car batteries, car tyres do not require a warm-up, but they should be rotated from time to time to stay functional. When you keep your cars parked for a long time in the same position, your car tyres also remain at the same spot for an extended period. This puts the pressure on a single concentrated point of each tyre that can create flat spots and may again require you to call for a mechanic to get your car serviced. Thus, it is essential to rotate the tyres so that you do not encounter a mishap due to such an act. Consider parking your cars at different spots every alternate day or simply move your cars forward and backward so that the pressure is not exerted at single spots of the car tyres.

Regular cleaning

Apart from taking care of the different units, you should also pay heed to the general cleaning of your cars. Just because your cars are also facing the effect of lockdown, it doesn’t mean that they have to lie dirty in one corner of your garage. Your prized rides deserve a thorough cleanse every now and then when you find them dirty to keep them looking at their best. You can also use a vacuum to clean your cars once a month for deep cleanses.

Fuel tank

As a thumb rule, keep the fuel tanks of your car full. Yes, you have heard that right! Full tank means entirely full and nowhere in between. You might be wondering why this is a mandate when you cannot even take your cars out for a ride during the pandemic, right? You need to know that when your car’s petrol tank is not full, the rest of the fuel tank stays empty and gets filled with air. Though the air may sound unharming, air contains oxygen and can promote rusting and corrosion of fuel tanks. This may again make you seek the services of a car repair mechanic, ending up inviting a stranger to your home. Hence, to keep your fuel tanks in good health, always keep them full to avoid such an issue.


These are a few car safety tips that you need to follow during the pandemic time to keep yourself and your family safe from welcoming strangers to your home to get your cars repaired. Do you have more such ideas to help keep your cars safe and clean? Do let us know!

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