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Proper Car Battery Disposal in Brisbane 27 Mar 2018

You know all about proper ways for vehicle disposal, but do you know that Proper Car Battery Disposal is also as or probably more important than the entire vehicle disposal?

Yes, it is true that car battery disposal is one of the crucial steps in vehicle disposal. Car batteries are dangerous because they contain lead and acid, which if not properly disposed of can start a fire in landfills.

The best way to dispose of the car battery is to contact your nearest battery recyclers who have the necessary equipments to recycle the car batteries. Also, a more common way can be to contact an auto repair shop or car wreckers who will easily take the batteries of your hand and ensure proper disposal.

A QLD car wrecker is one such company that accepts car batteries. Depending on the condition of the battery, we either resell it or dispose of without any side effects on the surroundings.

Besides car batteries we also recycle

  • Aluminium Rods and Engines
  • Steel and Heavy Metal
  • Rubbers, Bumpers, and Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Reusable Auto Parts

So, if you ever want to get rid of the unwanted car, contact us and be assured of green way of vehicle disposal.

Car Recycling Brisbane

Even if your car is a piece of junk, we can still salvage it for recycling. We have our junkyards that are well equipped with machines for recycling the vehicle. We have been into recycling since the year 2000 and have now become expert in the field. So if you ever want to scrap cars for cash or junk cars for cash, talk to us.

Car Wreckers Brisbane

As a responsible Car Wreckers Brisbane, we ensure zero wastage of unwanted vehicle. Be it the metal from the car or the parts like engine or gearbox, we try and reuse them. If the car is alive and can be as good as new with minor repair and touch up, we do the needful and sell it as pre-owned vehicle.

On the other hand, the vehicles that are no longer usable on the road but have parts in working condition are sorted for reuse. After refurbishing the parts, they are put up in the used auto part s market that too at a very low price. And if for whatever reason, the car and the parts are useless, then we crush and recycle the metal.

Thus, you can easily sell old cars for cash to us knowing your car is in safe hands.

Car Buyer Brisbane

If you ever want to get Cash For Cars Brisbane, choose a company that handles the car deals legally. Many companies do not have the necessary licences or the authorisation for dealing in the car and unknowingly you become part of the illegal operation. Therefore, always opt for companies like us as your Car Buyer Brisbane. We have the necessary approvals, authorisation, and permission from all relevant authorities to buy, remove, reuse, resell, recycle and dispose of all types of vehicles.

Sell My Car Brisbane

If you worry about the time-consuming process of Sell My Car Brisbane, stop right now. QLD car wreckers are known for quick and efficient car buying. Our process is a simple four-step process where you only have to call us with vehicle information to begin the process.

We take into account all your needs from completing the paperwork to car removal and most importantly make payment. Unlike other companies, we do not hold up payment nor will you find any hidden costs or charges. We pay on the day of car removal and the amount is the same as that you agreed for.

So, you can now Sell My Car for Cash Brisbane without any tension or hassles.

Car Removals Brisbane

We offer same day Car Removals Brisbane. No matter where you are in the Brisbane area, our team is never too far. We have a fleet of car removal machines that enable us to cater to a large number of clients in shorter time span. Also, our resources can easily remove multiple vehicles as well as a single vehicle from the location. Furthermore, our team is well trained to handle the trickiest of car removals without any property damage. So, whether you want cash for used cars, cash for damaged cars, cash for unwanted cars, or cash for accidental cars call us for car removal and get the payment on the same day.

Trucks Wrecker Brisbane

Do you know, your useless truck can fetch you anything from $7000 to $ 12000? Yes, with popular Trucks Wrecker Brisbane – us, you can get cash for your unwanted truck. Give us a call with your truck details and we will take it from there. You can also opt for same day deal closure if you want to and also select the payment method for easy access to your cash. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now to get top cash for junk cars.

Used Engines Motors & Gearboxes Brisbane

With our dealing in car on a daily basis, we have well-stocked inventory of used auto parts. From batteries to tyres we have them all. We also have good quality Used Engines Motors & Gearboxes Brisbane that are usually difficult to get. If you ever need spare parts for your vehicle, come to us and we are sure you will find what you are looking for, that too at cheaper rate then the market.

Contact us to earn fast cash for cars

Write to us at or call us on 07 3338 8937 to get your free quote. Additionally, you can also visit us at and fill up our cash for cars online quote form for instant revert.

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