How Are Cars Recycled?

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How Are Cars Recycled 21 Mar 2018

How Are Cars Recycled?

An Overview of Auto Recycling

You have read and heard so much about car recycling, but do you know How Are Cars Recycled in reality? Let us share our knowledge with you. Let’s begin with most common questions

Did you know that almost all parts of the vehicles are recyclable? From the oil filters to windshields to batteries and more.

  1. Engine oil never becomes unusable; it just becomes dirty. It is reusable after cleaning
  2. Oil filters are also recyclable
  3. Windshields – For preparing windshields, usually a glass is put between two sheets of plastic. Therefore, earlier it was difficult to recycle the glass. But now with advanced technology windshields are recycled and are used to manufacture fibreglass insulation, glass bottles, and concrete blocks, whereas the plastic, is reused for carpet glue and other applications.
  4. Engines and transmissions can also be recycled to repair a damaged part or to make an eco-friendly engine and transmissions.
  5. After melting the Aluminium car rims, door handles and other scrap metals, it can be used to manufacture new products.
  6. Batteries are also recyclable
  7. Tyres can recycle to make rubber granules or rubberised asphalt used on highways or car mats
  8. Water pumps, starter, and alternators can also be reused and remanufactured
  9. Plastic from the car can also be recycled to make new products.

2) How are autos recycled?

Sell your car to car wreckers, once it reaches its end-stage. Check out the Top 10 Advantages Of Scrapping A Car. The recycling process involves many crucial steps such as:

  1. Detailed inspection – repair and sell or dismantle and recycle? When the car reached the wrecking yard, a thorough examination is carried out to understand what would be a more profitable option – repair and sell or dismantle and recycle.
  2. Draining fluids and dismantling valuable parts – Before disbanding, different vehicle fluids such as oil, gas, antifreeze, transmission and brake lubricants and fluids. Dismantlers separate the hazardous liquids and gather them for safe disposal. They filter the reusable liquids like gas and oil. Later on, the car engine and transmission are lifted from the car chassis, to check on the other parts. If parts are in usable condition, then they are removed and cleaned.
  3. Selling recovered auto parts – From the salvaged auto parts some parts are reusable instantly whereas some parts might need repairing and refurbishing. Many car wrecking companies have their own resell division for such components or they may also sell it local auto repair shops.
  4. Crushing and shredding vehicles – After removing all the reusable parts, draining the liquids, the only thing that remains is the body of the car. As you know, the vehicle body is made up of various metals. Therefore, before recycling the metal, the body is crushed and shredded into ball size metal chunk. These chunks are suitable for making new products.

Thus, you see, every part of the vehicle can be reused and recycled. So, don’t think twice and call authorised Brisbane car wreckers to sell old cars for cash.

Car Recycling Brisbane

Car Recycling Brisbane

From the above read, you can understand how necessary it is to recycle unwanted vehicles to minimise the harmful impact of useless cars on the environment. Call QLD car wreckers. We are famous for Car Recycling in Brisbane.

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Steps to get rid of my car

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