Go Green with Your Old Vehicle: What Happens When You Recycle a Vehicle?

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Go Green with Your Old Vehicle: What Happens When You Recycle a Vehicle? 29 Jul 2019

QLD Car Wreckers are well aware of the fact that a number of vehicle addition are made every year. However, in order to eliminate waste, car recycling is considered to be the best way. There is no doubt that car recycling is not a simple work. But at the same time, you cannot ignore this fact that it helps in making use of a number of useful things from the unwanted vehicle.

Are you aware of the mechanism of what recycling actually is done in the car? If no, then you will certainly get good knowledge from the informative content.

What are the recycling parts of the vehicle?

Recycling Parts Vehicle
Do you know which parts of the vehicle could be recycled? It is quite certain that you cannot recycle the entire vehicle at a time. Though most of the part can be easily recycled but discarding some of its parts in a proper manner is a must. Visit now to know more about How Are Cars Recycled?

Certain parts of the vehicle like rubber, glass, and metallic components, could be easily recycled. Even the glass from the windshield, rubber hoses, wheels, and seats can be recycled. The glass obtained is used up for the creation of tiles. It is being used up in the different varieties of jewellery pieces, porcelain, glass beads, etc. Even recycling of glass helps in eliminating a good quantity of oil, which would be otherwise required in producing the new glass.

How does the procedure begin?

The work initiates with the inspection phase. Generally, when you think of recycling the car, it is either sold to any junk dealer or the scrap yard. A number of recycling facilities are being made available for the people. Therefore, even the vehicle which has reached the end phase of life helps in making good money. Hence, detailed inspection work is must requirement before the recycling work could be initiated.

If the vehicle could be repaired easily, it proves to be more beneficial for the junkyards. It even helps in saving the dismantling and further repairing cost. However, if the repairing is not going to be a profitable deal, it is recycled.

After the inspection work, all the fluid of the car is properly drained out. These fluids hinder in between the recycling work. All the hazardous liquid should be properly segregated and discarded away. However, the oil and gas extracted could be reused again.

What is done to the recycled parts?

Most of the parts which are recovered are further resold in the market. Many parts even obtained from the vehicle could be reused by in the other vehicles. Even many manufacturers look for the valuable parts which can be used with some repairing and refurbishing work.

Even at times, the vehicles are dismantled, and the parts are sold to local repairing shop. These shops acquire the components at the discounted price

What happens to the vehicle after the useful component is taken away?

Once every useful component is derived, the vehicle is crushed and shredded completely. This helps in deriving all the metallic portion of the vehicle. Their entire body turns into a metallic chunk. Further, they are sold to the junkyard or scrap yard.

Amazing fact

An annual addition of more than 200 million tires is done every year in the country. However, you will really find it amazing that more than 80 per cent of these tires is recycled. Commonly, the tires are again put in use by the creation of pavements and bases structure for the new roadways.

The entire procedure of recycling is an exhausting and lengthy one. However, recycling the car helps in giving life to many other vehicles. So, a number of vehicle components could be best used and again brought to the roads.

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