During Coronavirus Outbreak: How to Sanitise Your Car and Keep Your Family Safe

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During Coronavirus Outbreak: How to Sanitise Your Car and Keep Your Family Safe 8 Apr 2020

Coronavirus- Highly contagious disease!! According to the World Health organization, on January 12 Coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 (the official name of the novel coronavirus) is the reason behind the respiratory disease in a bunch of people in Wuhan city of China. It is spreading at a faster rate & entered in all countries to infect the people. Due to this contagious disease, 828,305 people have been infected all over the world & out of this 40,735 have died. The Coronavirus outbreak has reached to at least 47 countries.

Till March 21 there were 144 cases of coronavirus COVID-19. As per Queensland health information- 900 people have been infected. According to Queensland Confinement, all people have advised remaining in their home till May 19.

As per the government of Brisbane, people have advised to wash & sanitize their hand properly and avoid contacting with people. We are getting all information about our health but what about our vehicles? In this coronavirus pandemic, how one should safe his vehicle? Since, your car also contain dust, tiny particles, bacteria’s & when you touch them, and automatically Coronavirus infect you. Therefore, it is equally important to wash & sanitize your car properly.

The spread of COVID-19 in Car- Read How?

Don’t shock to know your vehicle has the biggest risk of COVID-19 infection. Usually, car interior steering control, seat cover, car door are most infected place. If you touch on the contaminated area, you will get corona as virus remain to live for 7-9 days in one place. Nothing will happen to the car if you sanitize it properly.

Let’s have a Light on the Tips to protect your vehicle from COVID-19.

As per to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cleaning, disinfecting high-touch surfaces & sanitizing hands are best ways to play against Coronavirus Pandemic.

Give scrub & water wash to Car Cabin-

Scrub & water cleaning is the best way to get rid of Coronavirus. You can take disinfectant wipes or warm soap water to clean the whole cabin. Don’t forget to clean the exterior portion of your cars such as- car door, mirror, door handles, etc. This organic cleaning will remove all dirt & bacterias from your car. Give a deep clean to floor mats, seat covers & other removable parts.

High Touch Surfaces-

High Touch surfaces include- power window, steering wheel, shifter knob, climate and audio control etc. Be careful regarding these surfaces as most probably we touch them. Therefore, sanitize them properly. You can use a diluted solution to clean the glasses touch surface.

Keep Sanitizer in Car-

Always sanitize your hands whenever you use any chemical solution to clean your car & also use in hand after 1 hour or 2.

Never use Bleach & Peroxide Cleaner-

If you use Bleach & peroxide cleaner for your car, it will kill germs no doubt but also the shine & colour of your vehicle too.

Disinfect children’s toys-

Don’t forget to clean & scrub those areas that your children have touched. Clean car seats & all toys of your kid to avoid corona infection. As your kid always use the toys in the car journey. Therefore, it becomes essential to clean it properly.

Regular Vacuum your car-

Do regular vacuum in your car to minimize the infection of COVID-19. Carpets, floor mats, pedals, levers, floor mats, and cargo space in your cars need regular cleaning. As these things attract a lot of dust & bacteria’s.

Clean HVAC part-

HVAC part is right below the air filter & cleaning of this part is most important is cure infection. You can use a cleaning kit to clean all parts. If you face any issue in cleaning then, you can get clean your car from professional & use ozone process to kill the germs & bacteria.
Wrap up!!

Don’t ignore any area in the car. Try to clean each & every part of your vehicle to remain safe in these COVI-19 crises. If you follow our tips properly, then you don’t worry regarding this contagious disease. You are safe after following these tips!!

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