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8 Car Noises 8 Jul 2020

QLD Car Wreckers Presents: 8 Car Noises & What They Mean You Should Be Concerned About

Are you hearing grinding sounds from your vehicle? A squeal, clunk, or clank somewhere this kind of noise!! Should I consult to mechanic regarding this? If you have this kind of queries in your mind then, you have come to the right place!! In this blog, we will let you know which noise you should head to the mechanic and which one is of no worries. Stay tuned with us…

What Car Uncouth Noises Mean

Let’s altogether identify what’s wrong with your vehicle and why they are making such uncouth noises.

  1. Sound #1- The Squeal Sound When You Brake

    Squeal is such the most common sound in the vehicle that every car owner can recognize it quickly. Isn’t it so? The high-pitched Squealing sound that produces from your tires while applying brakes during driving. If you are not pressing on the pedal, sometimes still, it sounds.
    So, what’s happening in this situation? That simply means the indicator of the brake pad is rubbing against the rotor!! This indicates that you need to replace the brake rotor and get your vehicle to inspect by your mechanic.

  2. Sound #2- Shrieks Coming from Car’s Engine or Under the Hood

    Have you heard loud shrieks or squeals coming from the car’s engine? Or Simply under the Hood!! If yes then, there is something mishappening with your serpentine belt such as lose to worn out of this belt. This may be that the rubber component of the belt has worn out.
    It’s not quite expensive and can be fixed easily. PLEASE PUT YOUR MIND AT EASE!! Due to not having balance pressure in the serpentine belt, it may loose. In this situation, consult your mechanic as they will fix this.

  3. Sound #3- Somewhere noise like” HUR HUR HUR”When you start the Engine

    This grinding sound indicates the loss of juice by your battery and it is struggling much to charge the battery. This is to a lesser extent a security concern and to a greater degree an accommodation worry, as your vehicle could wind up neglecting to begin tomorrow, one week from now, or one month from now—it’s difficult to make an accurate forecast. Therefore, you can go to the local auto care for a free battery test.

  4. Sound #4- Flapping, Like a Fish Out of Water

    Hearing some kind of flapping sound while turning on the A/C in the car? Then, it means the ventilation flap is worn-out. Even though this is not so serious concern as compare to others’ sounds, please check this issue in your spare time. You can roll down the window and enjoy some sir in the car.

  5. Sound # 5- Hissing

    If you hear hissing or murmuring sound from the engine of your vehicle then that means the engine is overheated or vacuum lines are leaking coolant. Firstly, check the temp gauge and if you see steam is rising then, don’t drive the car anymore!! Ping your mechanic for inspection of your car.

  6. Sound #6- A Rumble & Roar Under Your Rear

    This sound comes somewhere from underneath the driver’s seat. In this case, the seat of the driver vibrates just like the massage chair. This kind of noise is quite less noticeable if your music system is on in the car. The noise leads to a possible leak or cracks in the exhaust system’s manifold. Therefore, go to the mechanic shop so that they can inspect the exhaust system.

  7. Sound #7- Groaning

    This is a serious issue in the power steering system and leads to worse situations if not checked by the mechanic. This might sound like roaming while turning the steering. It usually happens due to a frictional force in the power steering system. This situation may lead to losing your control over the steering system of the car and can cause danger accident. PLEASE AVOID AT THE DROP OF A HAT TURN IN THIS CONDITION WHILE DRIVING!!

  8. Sound # 8-Ticks

    Ticking sounds could mean numerous things, however, most ordinarily they advise you that your vehicle is coming up short on oil, or the oil pressure isn’t ordinary. Luckily, you can discover what precisely is the issue without visiting the repairman.
    Wherever you are, just stop your car and let it cool for some time before inspecting the oil level. If the oil level is low then it marks then, tops it up as per the requirement. In case, noise persists, you must take your car to a mechanic shop before it turns to a serious outcome.

The Bottom Line!!

Don’t ignore any of the noise in your vehicle, always inspect your vehicle by professional mechanic shops. Make sure you follow the car maintenance schedule in order to keep the vehicle safe. If you need any car parts for your vehicle at affordable price then, request online quote for this to qldcarwreckers.com.au!!

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